Bridge Receiving Center’s Phase 1 facility sits on 150 acres of beautifully wooded property adjacent to Cedar Springs Camp in Lake Stevens, WA (5532 WA-92, Lake Stevens, WA). Our partnership with Cedar Springs Camp allows for the children staying at Bridge to have full access to the restorative recreational activities that the Camp offers, all while maintaining a separate space and program for these traumatized children to heal and recover. 

Phase 1 of our program will launch in July 2019 and provide children between the ages of 6 – 10 years old entering foster care for the first time (and, when needed, their siblings, ages 4 – 14) with a therapeutic place to stay for up to 30 days.  In this first Phase, the Center will accommodate up to 6 children at a time. We are happy to schedule a tour of the facility, please contact us or sign up for our upcoming events.

Updates on Phase 1

Construction began in April 2018

We have amazing volunteers and professionals who for months have been donating materials and labor. Aaron Tally (Bridge Building Project Manager) took these pictures of the progress with interior and exterior renovations on the house donated by Cedar Springs Camp.