Join the 51 Club

Bridge Receiving Center exists to provide a safe landing for kids entering the foster system (read more about the problem and our solution). It costs Bridge Receiving Center $51/night to provide each foster child with the safe landing place they deserve. We are looking for donors who can give $51 or more a month so, together, we can sustainably care for these children while revolutionizing the foster care system! 51 Club members will receive regular updates on our program, be invited to 51 Club Member-Only Events (in person and online), and receive a 51 Club Sticker as well as other swag!

Be one of the 151 members of The 51 Club! We need 151 of you to give at least $51/month so we can meet our goal. Last update September 8, 2019 - we will update progress regularly. Help us revolutionize foster care…one child at a time! Join The 51 Club!