Join us to revolutionize foster care

As we gain momentum we will need the help of volunteers and donors just like you to get our camp up and running. Join our volunteer team and we'll let you know whenever we have an opportunity for you to help! We'll equip you to advocate for foster children and spread the word about our camp.  We especially need your financial contribution in these early stages. 

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Ways You Can Help

Make A Financial Investment in Our Community

This is a big dream with a big price tag but the cost of continuing failed policies and practices is even bigger.

Lend Your Talent

Churches and local service groups can provide volunteer services to reduce operational costs of the camp as well as provide a wealth of additional services that enrich the experience of the children.

Volunteer opportunities at the camp may lead you to realize that you are interested in doing more and possibly inspire you to take the step to become a licensed foster parent. But even if you don’t, we there are many ways to help.